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  • Charge Ready - An image with an electric car charging

    Charge Ready

    To support California’s zero-emission policies, we’re revving up Charge Ready: Our program to help increase the availability of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at certain locations where cars are typically parked for four hours or more. We’ll be working with local government agencies, employers, multi-unit dwellings, and charging equipment manufacturers to roll out the program.Visit our Charge Ready web page to learn more about the program

  • Zero Net Energy - Picture of an enegry efficient house

    Zero Net Energy Homes

    A Zero Net Energy (ZNE) home or building is one whose annual energy consumption is no greater than its annual energy generation. The state of California wants all new residential construction to meet ZNE standards by 2020 and all new commercial buildings to meet ZNE standards by 2030, along with 50% of existing commercial floor space. It's part of the state's multi-faceted battle plan against greenhouse gas emissions. Our utility, Southern California Edison, is helping to build a path to meeting this ambitious goal through demonstration projects that test ZNE feasibility on a mass scale and gauge ZNE’s impact on the utility distribution grid

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  • Emerging Technologies Coordinating Council website

    Emerging Technologies Coordinating Council

    The ETCC provides a collaborative forum for its members’ to exchange information on opportunities and results from screening potential technologies, assessing them to validate performance and customer acceptance, and performing in-situ demonstrations. Efforts are focused on identification, assessment, and support for commercialization of energy-reducing technologies, such as advanced lighting, water heating, and air-conditioning systems. The ETCC is particularly interested in technologies that offer large energy savings and rapid market penetration

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  • Picture of a Smart thermostat

    Smart Thermostat Program

    Smart thermostats are a great way to make your home energy flexible. Controlling heating and cooling loads is one of the top ways to reduce your energy consumption. By learning your schedule and preferences, allowing you to control remotely and adjusting for weather conditions, smart thermostats optimize your home’s performance

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  • An image eof a transmission tower

    The Smart Grid

    Power grids are increasingly resilient, efficient, reliable, and secure thanks to advanced technology. At Edison International, we are upgrading our infrastructure and bringing the smart grid to life.

    About Smart Grid
  • An image of smartphone

    Customer Engagement

    New technologies are giving consumers more power to manage their electricity usage, with mobile apps for hour-by-hour usage information and control.

    About Customer Engagement
  • An image of an electric charging station

    Electric Transportation

    We're working in partnership with automakers and the United States Department of Energy to demonstrate technologies that advance cleaner, electric transportation.

    About Electric Transportation
  • An image of a LED light

    Energy Efficiency

    Efficiency has its rewards: Reduce your energy usage, shrink your carbon footprint, and create a more efficient and comfortable environment.

    About Energy Efficiency
  • An image of a solar panel

    Distributed Energy Generation

    We see potential for distributed energy generation to help meet electricity demand, so we're testing technologies to ensure safety and reliability.

    About Distributed Energy Generation
  • An image of a monitor with lock image inside


    The electricity grid is part of our nation’s critical infrastructure. We're working on patent-able advances in cybersecurity to protect the electricity grid.

    About Cybersecurity
  • An image of a rechargable battery

    Energy Storage

    Using new technologies for storing energy, we can make the grid more efficient. These innovations offer the promise of greater flexibility in transmitting and distributing generation, particularly from renewable sources like solar and wind.

    About Energy Storage
  • An image of a switch in off position

    Demand Response

    By reducing your energy consumption during hours of peak demand, you relieve stress on the grid, the environment, and your bottom line. For additional opportunities to reduce energy costs.

    About Demand Response


  • An icon of an energy efficient light bulb

    Energy Efficiency

  • In icon of two arrows in a circle

    Renewable Energy

  • icon of a solar panel


  • icon of an electric car

    Electric Vehicles

  • An icon of a thermometer

    GHG Reduction